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Artist Statement

Consciousness, time, energy, matter, and space are the components of the art. Through my awareness and my senses I describe what I experience onto the canvas, mostly with paint. I borrow from geometry as I find it to be the natural language of the universe. Each work is an exploratory trek into the unknown and I am always anticipating the discovery of what awaits me as I return.


A musician/songwriter, chief, skilled craftsmen, committed partner, father, and through it all, artist; Jason is from Atlanta, Georgia. He started his art education at Atlanta College of Art. After college, Jason relocated to the culturally rich town of Athens, GA. Here he co-founded and performed in many musical groups as well as participated in various art productions within the local art scene. During this time, he was employed at a popular vegetarian restaurant and worked his way up from line cook to become one of two top chefs, where he developed original vegetarian recipes.

While cooking, Jason discovered that art is not just painted on a canvas but that art transpires to all aspects of being human. Jason became serious about painting in 2006, when he completed his sold-out series "1951 Office Wall Hangings" and the series "Deeper into Color" as well as other works.

Returning to Atlanta in 2010, Jason settled into a studio in the art district of Castleberry Hill, where he produced and sold his artwork. During this time, Jason developed a ridged endurance and a keen eye for detail during working days as a licensed plumber. With his experience as a skilled craftsman, you can see a construction-like quality that has developed into his work.

In 2016, with his inspirational partner Nell and son Hawthorne, he moved to Midcoast Maine. In Maine, he has been involved in the local art community as an art teacher in Rockland and opened his studio to the public for the Belfast Art Walk during summer 2017. His works here include the "Element" series, the "Abstracts in Maine” series, and the “Constructions” series.

Most recently, Jason and his family have relocated to Montgomery, Alabama, where he has set up a new studio and began a new collection of work.




Atlanta College of Art 


Exhibition History 

2017 - Open Studio  Belfast Art Walk 16 Market Street, Belfast ME. USA

2016 - Art Loft Educators Showcase 385 Main Street, Rockland, ME. USA

2008 - The Grit Deeper in Color Athens, GA. USA.

2007 - The Mercury Lounge Works by rji Athens, GA. USA.

2007 - Lowery Gallery The Lowery Gallery Show Danielsville, GA. USA

2007 - Walkers Pub & Coffee Works by rji Athens, GA. USA.

2007 - The Mercury Lounge Shapes and Color Athens, GA. USA.

2007 - The Mercury Lounge Paintings by rji Athens, GA. USA.

2006 - Bob Salon rji Athens, GA. USA.

2006 - The Mercury Lounge 1951 Office Wall Hangings Athens, GA. USA.

2006 - The Flicker Theater 1951 Office Wall Hangings Athens, GA. USA.


Public Collection 

Metropolis Mercury Lounge, Athens GA. USA. Acquired 2007


Publications and Media

“The Prophecy” 1340 Magazine. Issue #8, 2018//Q2. Page 5.

Cover Art The Flagpole, April 19th, Vol. 20, No. 15, 2006. Cover.



Abstract Painting with Acrylics The Art Loft, 385 Main Street, Suite 9, Rockland, ME. USA


Photo of Ranall Jason Irvin
Randall Jason Irvin
2010 - present
2010 - present