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How does it work?

🧾 1. Take photos of all your UK receipts in our app
- Don’t ask for VAT refunds in-store (30-70% fees) or accept refund forms; we can’t take them!
- Make sure each receipt is under £250 by splitting purchases if needed (see below for purchases over £250)

🛃 2. Print the refund form we email you and get it stamped at customs
- Bring your items with you, and have your receipts as backup
- Get the form stamped at the last airport before leaving the EU
- Email us if you need help printing

💸 3. Refund confirmed within 48 hours
- Reply to our email with a photo of your stamped form

Purchases over £250:

Please ask the sales assistant for a business invoice. The invoice must show:

Company name: Refund Giant Ltd

Address: 86 Fulham Road, King Room, London SW3 6HR

VAT number: 330042170

If the shop doesn’t offer business invoices, we recommend asking for a traditional VAT refund in-store. Government regulation requires we need an invoice to process receipts above £250.

Why should I use Refund Giant?

No sales pitch. We’re simply here to give you more money back faster when traveling abroad. How? We reclaim your sales tax (20% in the UK) back from the government for you.

Why Refund Giant over the traditional process?

Traditional Process:
1. Long waits in line (around 1-2 hours).
2. Lots of manual writing, forms, and receipts.
3. Long processing times (3-6 weeks).
4. Hidden costs and 30-70% service fees -- especially for cash refunds.
5. Not at all stores, sometimes purchase minimums.

1. Short waits in line (around 15 minutes).
2. Hassle-free and digital. Never fill in paperwork again.
3. Fast payments. Refund confirmation in under 48 hours after stamp.
4. Larger refund. 25-30% commision (other companies charge 30-70%).
5. Available at all stores. No purchase minimums.

Am I eligible to get a tax refund?

Refund Giant can help you claim a VAT refund if:

- You live outside the EU
- You plan to take the goods out of the EU by the last day of the third month after the the month you bought them in

If you’re an overseas resident studying or working in the UK, or a resident of the EU you can use the scheme if you:

- Plan to take the goods out of the EU by the last day of the third month after the the month you bought them in
- Can show that you’ll be staying outside the EU for at least 12 months

Which countries can I use Refund Giant in?

You can make purchases in the United Kingdom, but you can depart the EU from any country. We will soon be expanding tax-free shopping to other EU countries as well.

Are there any purchase minimums?

There are no minimums!

What can I get a tax refund on?

Refund Giant allows you to get a VAT refund on all purchases from stores in the UK (no minimum spend), aside from the following exceptions below.

- Tax-free products
- Services, for example, hotel bills
- Online purchases

Our app automatically recognizes eligible purchases, so you will not need to manually categorize your purchases yourself. More specific exceptions include:

- Goods (for example, perfume or chocolates) that you’ve used, or partly used, in the EU
motor vehicles and boats
- Goods over £600 in value that will be exported for business purposes (you have to use a form C88 for these)
- Goods that will be exported as freight and goods that need an export licence (except antiques)
- Unmounted gemstones and bullion (over 125 grammes, 2.75 troy ounces or 10 Tolas)

How does Refund Giant make money?

We charge a 25-30% service fee on each refund.

Is Refund Giant secure?

Yes, absolutely! Your privacy and the security of your personal information are our absolute priorities. We encrypt all information when storing it in our databases, and keep it for only the time needed to process your refund.

My question is not asked here!

Please email us your question at



🧾 1. 将您在英国购物的收据照片上传到我们的手机APP应用平台
- 请勿在店内索要或接受VAT退税单(手续费高达退税金额的30%-70%),我们无法收取此类退税单
- 请确保每张票据的消费金额在£250以下,如有需要请分多笔支付 (超过£250的消费票据退税请参考“帮助”界面)

🛃 2. 请将我们通过邮件发送给您的退税单打印出来并在海关处盖章
- 请随身携带您所购买的物品及发票以备查验
- 在离开欧洲前的最后一个机场处将退税单盖章
- 如果需要我们帮忙打印,请邮件联系

💸 3. 退税将在48小时之内确认
- 请将盖章的退税单通过邮件回传给我们


请向店内销售索要商业发票。 发票需包含以下信息:

公司名称: Refund Giant Ltd

地址: 86 Fulham Road, King Room, London SW3 6HR

VAT代码: 330042170


为什么要使用退税小哥 办理退税?



1. 排队等候时间很久(1-2小时)
2. 要手工填写很多表格,手续繁琐
3. 退税处理时间很长(3-6个星期)
4. 隐含费用与30%-70%手续费 – 尤其是现金退税。
5. 不是所有商店都有退税服务,有些商店要求必须满足最低消费额才能办理退税

1. 排队等候时间短 (15分钟)
2. 简单、数字化,不用填写表格
3. 快速收到退税款,上传海关盖章的退税表格48小时内可以收到退税确认
4. 获得更多退税款,我们只收25%-30%服务费(其它公司收30%-70%)
5. 可在任何商店办理,无需最低消费限制



- 您居住在欧盟国家之外
- 您计划在购物三个月之内将您在欧盟国家购买的商品带出欧盟。


- 您计划购物三个月内将商品带出欧盟国家
- 可以出具您将在欧盟境外拘留至少12个月的证明







- 免税商品
- 服务,如,酒店账单
- 网店商品

- 在欧盟期间已经用完了,或用了一部分的商品(如,香水)汽车、游艇。
- 您将用于商务出口,价值600英镑以上的商品(您必须使用C88表格申报)
- 必须要有出口许可证、作为运货物要出口的商品。
- 未被镶嵌的宝石和金条、银锭(重于125克,2.75金衡盎司,或10拖拉)







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