• Randall Jason Irvin

Belfast Art Walk / June 23rd

Abstract Watercolor

I am featuring this work “Part of the Whole” for the promotion of my studio on the Forth Friday Belfast Art Walk and it is available at my new Etsy store. Please check it out at:

This is an abstract composition made with watercolors, watercolor and ink pencils with a light amount of pen work. In this work I produce many over lapping plains that connect the group of geometrical forms. In a deep internal focus of my existence and its connection to the universe, I work on this paper. At the end of these long meditations I find enjoyment in the accomplishment as the artist and as a viewer.

This is a little bit of a departure for me from my previous work. I am enjoying the new medium. I like very much the feel of watercolor paper. It is so thick and absorbent. The paint is pulled into the paper rather than smeared on the surface. Then I use the pencil on top and it adds a richness to the work. It is a lot of fun. I am very excited to work with more paper for future works.

Come by the studio on the 23rd of June for the Forth Friday Belfast Art Walk, to see the latest developments in paper. I’m thinking of some art give away for one lucky visitor. There will be more on that soon in a future post.

Enlightenment for all!

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