• Randall Jason Irvin

Art Handmade With the Highest Quality Materials

The image on the surface is obviously the first thing you notice on a painting, but I want to take you into the process behind my art. When I make a piece of art, I use the highest quality materials. I make everything myself.  I like to have control of the entire construction and presentation. When I finish my work I know it is what I intended. I hand pick all my materials. I select a fine linen for my canvases, as linen has a higher durability and longer lifespan than other fabrics. My lumber is chosen free of imperfections. I build all my frames as then I stretch the linen on it. I paint with artist grade acrylics . Then to finish the presentation I build the frame and paint it with a high quality paint. The color of the frame is selected specifically to enhance the art as I designate it as part of the art. I want to make sure the art is well built and last for a long time. Please follow my Facebook page to keep up with the latest progress of my work, and don’t forget to sign up for my news letter “rji Art Post.”

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