• Randall Jason Irvin

The Prophecy

My most recent work is entitled “The Prophecy” which is now available on my Etsy account. It is part of the Element series. It is an evolution from the previous works in the series. What’s new? The white gesso is in the negative space rather the bare linen and the linen is in the positive space now. The use of triangles rather than the four sided shapes to make the design. The introduction of new colors and techniques. I wanted to go out on a limb on this one; to see what doors I could open. This design is an indicator of the direction the series is headed. I have been sketching designs in this style for the past month or so. I post them frequently on my social media accounts. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see the progress. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my monthly news letter to keep you up to date with the latest ongoings.



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