• Randall Jason Irvin

The Element series

My most recent, completed series is the

The Element. It is an explanation into positive and negative space. This was a great learning process as well as a real delight to create. Please visit my site to see more work. 

Down below is the artist statement for the series.

 Experimenting with shapes, geometrical forms are skillfully arranged until the image has a purpose. Arrangements are found by layering shapes and then pulling away parts until the right balance between the positive and negative spaces has been achieved. A third dimension sometime appears on the surface to give shadow play. A simple color palate of black, white, and red is use. The color and texture of the materials play a major role in the totality of the composition, as they become part of the art. The design is described as “Painting Deconstructed.” It is a process that leaves all the working parts of the painting exposed, such as, the raw linen, the gesso, and the paint. The end result is a bold composition with a complex architecture and a simplistic elegance. 

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