• Randall Jason Irvin

The Prophecy In Print

I'm pleased to announce that a painting of mine has been published in the 1340ART Magazine , The painting they chose is called “The Prophecy” gesso and acrylic on linen, 37.5 x 21.5 x 2.25 inches and includes a handmade flat black wood edge frame designed specifically for the artwork. Unfortunately, I have altered the artwork after I submitted it for consideration. When I sent in my submissions for the work I thought I was finished. As the process took a few months, during this time I was troubled by a section of the painting. I reworked it and was much more pleased with the final version. I had also submitted other works to be considered for publication as I was unsure of which if any would be chosen. Just so happens it was the one I decided to change. I am still very grateful, to say the least. I think it looks great in the publication and I have a high-quality photo of the old version if I ever want to print it. I have really enjoyed this copy of the magazine. Go to the link above an check it out. Here is a link to the final version of “The Prophecy” and more information.

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