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Free Art

The Artwork Consigned to Oblivion Project is a series of art specifically made to coexist with my newsletter and will be a monthly subscription to a complete series of work. Each month a new piece is released through the newsletter with a link for a free download. The project will go for at least a year, with no finalized end date at the moment. The file will be of a high resolution (300dpi) the same size file used to make the giclée prints for the limited edition series.

You can print this file at home or have a print shop make a fine print, it depends on the quality you want. A limited edition print will be available in my shop as well, signed and numbered. For 30 days only, the file will be available for download. The master files, all the digital art files, and all copies that contain high-resolution files will be deleted. I will no longer have any way to make prints of the work or reproduce it. To acquire and collect the work you have to download each one within the 30 days because there will be no back issues. With its short lifespan, its longevity depends on the interest of subscribers like you.

The collection of art chosen for the series comes from my digital sketchpad. If you follow me on social media you may have seen some of the ideas in progress. I started using my tablet as a sketchbook for paintings and artwork. However, I found a certain quality in the sketches. This media has allowed me to explore new possibilities and opens new doors. The results are some great improves that I thought should have a spotlight.

Just as it was created as a thought in the moment and then forgotten until its rediscovery; its presentation will mimic its creation, in a sense. I think of it this way - take a dandelion. Its seeds blown through the air, and they are carried away to different places. Some seeds could land in a desert and nothing becomes of them. Some could find a field and flourish, making seeds of their own (art to share; not to sell and claim as their own art). The fun for me is watching the movements of the work and wondering what will become of it. Will I see it pop up years from now? Who knows? What I do know is I am very excited about this project. At the very least l’m going to enjoy spotlighting these works and sharing them with the interested.

So sign up for the newsletter and enjoy the series. If you sign up now before 10/1/18 you will have a chance to be a part of the whole series. Follow me on Instagram to watch the latest progress. Please share if you know someone who would like this, thanks!


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