• Randall Jason Irvin

Prints for Collectors

• Giclée print.

• 18” H x 12” W, 1” white border.

• Epson cotton based Watercolor paper.

• LUCIA EX inks.

• iPF8400 Canon Printer.

• Numbered, titled, and signed.

• Certificate of authenticity with a full description of the project.

• Option to have it framed.

Preordering has begun; secure a limited edition print of the “Artwork Consigned to Oblivion” series.

Each print is $69, shipping included.

A framed print is $159, shipping included.

Printing will begin on 10/1/18. If you preorder before then, your print will be packaged and sent soon after it is printed from the start date. Allow about 7-8 days to process and ship. More details in the shop.

Starting 10/1/18 “Artwork Consigned to Oblivion” will begin. The first work of art is called “Boats”. A limited edition giclée print run will be released during the time between 10/1/18 and 10/30/18. The max I will print is 60. That means, whichever comes first, 60 prints or 30 days. If I only get 5 orders then only 6 prints will be made (one will be an artist print that I will keep for a show at the end of the project) or, I could get 60 orders in 5 days and that would be the end of the run. It just depends on the interest. At the end of the 30 days, the files will be deleted and the work can not be reproduced again. After the final date, the total amount of prints made will be posted on my website in the “Artwork Consigned to Oblivion” Page and listed in the following newsletter.

For a complete description of the project see my blog post.

Click Here to Preorder

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