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Digital Painting and Collage

I have just released several works into my designer print shop this week and I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about the creative process. I’ve included a slideshow to show the stages of the project and photos used to illustrate the making of the artwork.

Beginning of this year I started sketching on my iPad. Originally, I was going to just use my tablet for ideas for my paintings, which I did. As I made more and more drawings, I started noticing something. These sketches were becoming more than just ideas, they were becoming potential works of art.

Digital paintings and collage is how I define this medium. The collage work that I do, comes from the photos I take on my daily walks through the world. My eyes are drawn to the surface textures of random objects. I use these textures to form the “tooth” as the foundation of the work as if I were working on the weave of a canvas. With the camera, I can create all kinds of different surfaces to work on.

The painting comes from the many different ways to manipulate the pixels with my stylus and tablet. If you have ever used a paint program on a computer or tablet then you probably have a good idea of the many different options of brush strokes and drawing capabilities one has available to them. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes I approach a work with an idea of what I want to do and sometimes I just improve. This is a great way to take bold risks on the canvas because, not like paint, you can always go back if it does not work.


Most of my digital painting/collage works are available in my designer print shop. The Artwork Consigned to Oblivion” series is also digital painting/collage work (Free art download series). I am in the process of designing a new series of limited edition prints, signed and numbered that I will release into my fine art gallery. I’ll have more info on those in a future post.

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Comments are always welcome. If you see something in my feeds that you really like, let me know. Not everything becomes an artwork and you could possibly persuade me to develop a design.


Randall Jason Irvin

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