• Randall Jason Irvin

Dada and Surrealism

The Artwork Consigned to Oblivion Prodject"s

Newest Edition: "The Spirit World"

Digital Painting and Collage

Prints to 18" x 12" at 300 dbi

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When I started at Atlanta College of Art in 1990, I remember going into the new computer art lab and think this is so unappealing. I had absolutely no interest in computer-generated art. Here in 2018, however, I have totally embraced it, although it was on complete accident.

What I love most about this series is it allows me to be more playful and to dive right into my favorite art influences. When I was first exposed to the modern art movements, dada and surrealism, I knew right then I wanted to be an artist. (For more info on the project, follow the link above). In this work, I use a photograph I took from the Maine coast, manipulating and blending with photos I took of textured surfaces, then I then use my stylus to draw and paint the rest. This work brings all these components together and make this rich and bizarre composition. I realy enjoyed making this piece.

FYI, I am selling a limited edition giclee print, signed and numbered during the month of existence. The link above has all the details.

Also, say goodbye to "Boats".

Only one giclee print in existance.

Goodbye Boats!

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