• Randall Jason Irvin

Hangs in the Balance

The Artwork Consigned to Oblivion Project 

Digital composite made from textural photographs and digital painting.

20” x 15” @ 300dpi.

Free to download

Or Collector's Edition Giclee Print

Sometimes I think we are as dumb as a bunch of bacteria in a Petri dish; consuming everything around us until we kill and eat each other.

But then I think, ”No, we are not that dumb. ” We have some really great minds among us with some really amazing ideas. We have the potential to achieve great things. We are dumb, however, for letting greedy self serving people take control of power. We are all really dumb for that and we need to stop it.

It is a digital composite made from textural photographs and digital painting. I used soft colors and organic forms. My thoughts are, “Do we start to live in harmony with the world or do we let the powerful mine it for all its good for, leaving us holding the bag?”

Take a good look around people; the walls are closing in.

Hope you enjoy!

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Montgomery, Alabama

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